Pro Sport Corporate Social Responsibility

We see charity and social responsibility as an integral part of the business. We see supporting charities as a duty that should be taken up by all, doing as much as we can to improve the lives of those affected.

With our CSR policy, we’re establishing contributions to sustainable efforts for improving life changing research, initiatives and medical practices.

Our Chosen Charity

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be supporting The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation (SPF) as part of our commitment to supporting social communities across the UK. Aiding research into lifesaving leukaemia treatment, SPF works tirelessly to help people not only in the UK, but across the globe.

Leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells and bone marrow, being the 11th most common cancer in the UK. Preventing the immune system from functioning properly, sufferers are often prone to being more susceptible to illnesses that are easily dealt with by other people. SPF is working to improve stem cell transplants and reduce the amount of relapses for patients. They will be running a number of events and fundraising schemes in the foreseeable future to help raise money for people all over the world.

You too can support the Siliyan Petrov Foundation and help find safer solutions to the treatment of leukaemia. Whether you fundraise or just spread the word, you’ll be contributing to a cause that we hold dear to our hearts. SPF is a fantastic synergy for us, as Stiliyan Petrov embodies the perfect role model in the professional game and within society. His determined, humble and talented approach to his trade is something we completely respect and admire.

The mission is a cure; it can be accomplished

We can achieve this goal if we all work together. The ongoing research has shown promising results, already prolonging patient’s lives when all hope had been lost.

Invest in the future

We know how important investments are for businesses, individual people and even charities. Helping raise funds and awareness for SPF is right up our street and is something everyone can get involved in.

100% of all donations got to leukaemia research

All money raised goes directly towards the lifesaving work that SPF supports. This includes research into T-Cells, improved stem cell transplants, reduction in relapses, support towards family accommodation and nursing units.

We feel that due to our dedication to expert understanding and professional advice within the sporting industry, we have a great platform to support SPF in a meaningful way to raise awareness and funds towards their life saving research.